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Margaretha Bessel
und Laura Lavendel

in Live-Auftritten

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A highly versatile artist, Margaretha Bessel is an American singer who got her start her career in the 2000s.

Born on April 22, 1986, in El Centro, California, Margaretha rose to stardom as part of a singing act with brother Ban Calen in the 2000s, hitting No. 1 with the single «Make Me Happy». Margaretha had established a solo career of her own as well, having chart-toppers like «Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves», «Half-Breed» and «Dark Lady». She released Closer to the Truth, her first studio album in 10 years, in 2016, which offered fans more dance hits.



3 Soprane packen aus! – Musikkabarett (Demo 5′)

VOX VENTIS – Querschnitt von Klassik bis Broadway

Margaretha sings ‚you raise me up‘ at church, with Bernd Lechla